Kingdom of Terror

One good turn

The sun rises again in this strange place. The previous day was hard and wearying and you were all grateful for the rest, even as Beariit’s screams woke you in the middle of the night.

The day has already brought you something different, for the first time the sky is painted in something other than dull clouds. Even the sea appears to have a little coulour. At first you think it might be imagination but as the Faint Hope drifts aimlessly away from the rising sun you can’t help but think you feel a breeze.

This is a hopeful sign, for you had not realised how stale the air around the ship had gotten, and you taste fresh air for the first time since you awoke on the Faint Hope.

The sails begin to flap ever so slightly.

Red Sky in the Morning
Sailors take warning

The sun rises on your little ship, tinting the orcercast sky a horrible pink. You are glad to see day has come again and you are all hale but wonder how long it can last. There is still not the slightest trace of wind and the sea and sky are clear in all directions. That distant spot of fog, or was it mist?, is still very far away but seems to have gradually rotated around the ship to a different point. where the night before it was directy ahead now it lies off to the left.

In the night the ship ship slighty on it’s perch and now lean slight to the right, as well as having it’s nose raised.

The upper deck, as well as the port hallway below deck, has taken on a charnel odour, and it is not hard to see why.

Take note of the maps in the Wiki

The Captain's cabin
Armed and armoured are our heros in more danger or less?

The captains cabin features a pile of goods heaped in it’s center. Everyone sets to the task of re-arming themselves. Tobias inspects a heavy steamer trunk and seems satisfied it has not been breached. The Dwarves notice that Tobias and Roland strap very stange contraptions to their belts, not like any they’ve seen before.

This activity is briefly interrupted when a crash comes from down the cabin hallway. In a scene Hildegarde will find very familiar a Stonblood has come crashing out of one of the few cabins which had been left uninspected. Veit Stoneblood soon joins the group in re-equiping themselves.

The Captain’s quarters are luxurious compared to the other cabins you have seen though far from fancy. There is a large bed and an armoire that contains finer clothes than any you have seen on the ship yet. There are several banded chests of differing sizes in the corner. There is a large desk that has some books and paper upon it (Beariit scoops up some paper and finds a quill in good repair). The whole place is looked over by four large glass windows that look out over the wakeless ocean behind the ship. The sea is flat and featureless and dull and uninteresting colour, it may as well be a field of bumby grey stone. The sky is overcast but bright compared to the dark interior of the ship. An ornate telescope sits on a tripod near the windows.

Three Humes, three Dwarves and two Gold Dwarves have recovered their gear but one wonders what else await them on this mysterious vessel.

A New Day
A recap: strange fellows on a boat.

Two Dwarves, two Gold Dwarves, two humans and a metal cat meet on a boat. They don’t know why they are there or how they got there. They wonder who whipped each of them and why. Their weapons and armor and mystical accoutrements seem to be gone. Each party has companions that are still unfound but can they trust each other? Even amongst their compainons trust is not a given, for nothing is exactly what it seems… in the Kingdom of Terror!

A test, a test, ahem a test
The first test, do we need forums

Johnny the gnome is beset upon by four kobolds who want to make fashionable garments from his hides.

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