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I want to thank everyone for coming along this far. I hope we can, together, make something we can all enjoy. I think that online rpg is something that can overcome the barriers that separate us and will allow us to play together in a truly imaginative setting that is free of time, distance or scheduling constraints.

I will be putting more and more work and info into this wiki so be patient and check back here throughout the week.

For starters here is some info to help out in character creation.

Ravenloft Feats

32 point stat buy

What is the deal with Innocents?

Check out the joy of Terror Checks it’s a great read and this concerns you.

Beware that when you enter Ravenloft your actions are at all times noticed and some are more noticed than others, these will require Powers Checks.

For those without the books on hand visit The SRD it has all the info in the core books and is searchable, enjoy.

On the topic of rules be sure to familiarise yourself with my house rules. If you have any to suggest let me know.

For those interested in joining the Legion of Clangeddin’s Might here you go.

Those interested in something else note that you can get in touch with Katie to join a different group coming from Darkon.

Darkon PI to the rescue! Darkon PI.

Maps of the Faint Hope

Beariit’s Songbook

Silk Armour

Party Treasure



Main Page

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