Welcome to The Kingdom of Terror!

The Kindgom has been in operation for a few months now and we are still going. At current our band of adventurers appear to have left Ravenloft though a mysterious portal that led then to a strange in between place and then to what appeared to be the Forgotten Realms. In Fact they were able to return to the Dwarven Enclave they called home, but things were not as they expected.

They found that things had changed drastically. After their departure there had been a cataclysmic conflict with untold legions of orcs who had ruined the enclave and reduced it to a shadow of it’s former glory. Now the find the survivors have turned inward, fearful and shunning all contact from the outside. Once inside the party has also encountered more than a little resistance to the idea of ever leaving.

The players have decided to flee the place for one of their number thinks members of his family might still be alive in the hands of orcs. As such they plan on escaping into the underdark but before they can they must find a way to open the Deep Gate.

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Kingdom of Terror

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