Alignment: CG

Size: Medium

Descriptors: 18 Years old, 6’3", 225 lbs, Blue eyes, Blond hair

Class/Level: Bard 3/Barbarian 2/Dragon Disciple 2

Hit Points: 66

Hit Points (Rage): 80 (48 currently)

Armour Class: 17 (10 + 4 Armour + 2 DEX + 1 Natural Armour)

Armour Class (Rage): 15 (10 + 4 Armour + 2 DEX + 1 Natural Armour – 2 Rage)

Movement: 40 ft

Initiative: +2 (0 Base + 2 DEX)

Grapple: +9 (5 BAB + 4 STR + 0 Size)

Attributes Base Adjusted Modifier
STR 18 18 +4
DEX 14 14 +2
CON 15 15 +2
INT 12 12 +1
WIS 10 10
CHA 12 12 +1
Attack Bonuses Total BAB Ability Misc
Melee +9 5 +4 +0
Ranged +7 5 +2 +0
Saves Total Base Ability Misc
Fortitude +9 7 +2 0
Reflex +5 3 +2 0
Will +6 6 0 0
Terror Saves Total Base Ability Misc
Fear +6 6 0 0
Horror +6 6 0 0
Madness +6 6 0 0
Attacks Attack Bonus Damage Critical
“Melle” +11 1d10+1d6+7 x3
“Melle” (Rage) +13 1d10+1d6+10 x3
Dagger +9 1d4+4 19-20 x2
Dagger (Rage) +11 1d4+6 19-20 x2
Bite +11 1d6+4 x2
Bite-Claw-Claw (full round) 11/6/+6 1d6+4/1d4+2/1d4+2 x2
MW Composite Mighty (+3) Longbow +9 1d8+5 x3
Human: Power Attack
Level 1: Cleave
Level 3: Weapon Focus [Glaive]
Level 6: Leadership
Skills Ability Total Ranks Ability Misc
Balance (Dex) +11 7 +2 +2
Hide (Dex) +22 10 +2 +10
Jump (Str) +17 7 +4 +6
Knowledge [Arcana] (Int) +9 8 +1 0
Listen (Wis) +8 8 0 0
Move Silently (Dex) +17 10 +2 +5
Perform [Oratory] (Cha) +9 8 +1 0
Spot (Wis) +2 2 0 0
Tumble (Dex) +13 9 +2 +2
Class Abilities: Bard
Fascinate (Sp) Ulrick can use his voice to fascinate creatures. Affected creatures must be within 90ft, and must be able to see and hear Ulrick. One creature can be affected for every three bard levels attained past first. Ulrick makes a perform check, which becomes the creature’s will save. If it fails, it does nothing but sit and listen for as long as the perform check continues (up to one round per bard level). While fascinated, the creature takes -4 on skill checks such as spot and listen. Any obviously threatening actions (like drawing a weapon or casting a spell) breaks the effect.
Countersong (Su) Ulrick can counter magical effects that are sonic, or language dependant. Each round, he makes a perform check. Affected allies can choose to use his Perform check in place of their saving throw, if it is higher. Countersong doesn’t affect spells that allow no save. Countersong can be continued for up to 10 rounds.
Inspire Courage (Su) +1 Allies that hear Ulrick perform gain a morale bonus on saving throws against charm and fear effects, as well as weapon attack and damage. The bonus lasts as long as he performs, and then for another 5 rounds after.
Inspire Competence (Su) Ulrick can perform to help an ally succeed at a task. The ally must be within 30 feet and able to see and hear the him. Ulrick must also be able to see the ally, who gets a +2 competence bonus on skill checks with a particular skill as long as he or she continues to hear Ulrick perform. Certain uses of this ability are infeasible. The effect lasts as long as Ulrick concentrates, up to a maximum of 2 minutes. Ulrick can’t inspire competence in himself. Inspire competence is a mind-affecting ability.
Class Abilities: Barbarian
Rage (Ex) Once per day, Ulrick can fly into a rage that gives him a +4 to Strength and Constitution, a +2 morale bonus to Will saves, and a -2 to AC. This rage lasts for 7 rounds, at which point additional hitpoints go away.
Uncanny Dodge (Ex) Ulrick retains his Dexterity bonus to AC if caught flatfooted or attacked by an invisible enemy. He still loses his Dexterity bonus to AC if he is immobilized.
Divine Gift: Uthgar [Aspect of the Wyrm]
Roar of the Dragon (Su) Once per day, Ulrick can call upon the power of Uthgar. As the name suggests, the power is activated by letting out a loud roar. Exact in-game effect not yet disclosed by DM.
Spells 6/3 known – 4/3 per day
Cantrips 1st Level
Dancing Lights Alarm
Detect Magic Cure Light Wounds
Light Feather Fall
Mage Hand none
Message none
Prestidigitation none
Mundane Possessions
Backpack Bedroll
Skinning knife 50ft hemp rope
Spade Waterskin x3
Masterwork Glaive Bearskin Cloak
Red Dragon Scale Cloak Masterwork Composite Mighty (+3) Longbow
Magic Possessions
Melle +1 ‘Shock’ Glaive +1 ‘Silent Moves’ Studded Leather
Ring of Chameleon Power none

XP: 21,000/27,000


Once fully human, Ulrick is now more reptilian in appearance. A lithe, muscular frame, he stands over six feet tall, and his skin is covered in small deep burgundy scales. Immediately obvious is the fact that he is missing his left eye, the socket for which is scarred, but healed over. His jaw is extended far past anything that could be considered normal for an average human, and in his mouth sharp pointed teeth are visible. His fingers end in black claws.

Ulrick wears a cloak made of red dragon-scales, which is fur lined. Under the cloak he is wearing well-oiled studded leather.

Ulrick wields ‘Melle’, a glaive with a black wood haft. The blade is steel that is strangely speckled, perhaps due to being alloyed in some way. The housing holding the blade has been intricately work in gold. It has the shape of an Ibixian skull, with the blade coming out of the mouth.

A member of one of the Uthgardt barbarian tribes of Icewind Dale, Ulrick’s tribe reveres Uthgar’s Great Wyrm aspect. It is tradition for men of his age to leave the tribe and travel for a year, before returning home with tales of their bravery. In his recent travels he was blessed by the Voice of the Dragon, a powerful servant of Uthgar, the Great Wyrm.

Recently, Ulrick has begun a transformation from human, to something reptilian. To the best of his understanding, this is a direct result of the blessing of his god. He does not know what the end result will be, but he hopes that he will become an instrument of Uthgar’s Will.

When spoken to, he is very polite and clearly confident. He has a mildly germanic accent.

Character photo taken from Deviant Art at http://haemoncul.deviantart.com/art/awesome-dude-74404755


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