3'6" Air Goblin Light blue skin and white hair sticking out from behind his ears in a fan about 5" long. He is very intelligent but often chooses not to appear so everything he says is carefully considered and calculated beforehand


Str: 8 -2 = 6 -2
Dex: 14 +4 = 18 +4
Con: 12 -2 = 10
Int: 14 +2
Wis: 14 +2
Cha: 16 +3

AC: 15
HP: 12
BAB: 2
INI: 4
1 = 5
Move: 30’ 15’Climb
Fort: 1+0+1= 2
Ref: 3+4= 7
Will: 3+2= 5

Sickle 2-2=0 1d4-2dmg

Ranged Touch Attack 2+4=6

Racial Features:


• +1 racial bonus on attack rolls against creatures of the earth
subtype, including extraplanar creatures from the Elemental
Plane of Earth.

• –2 penalty on all saving throws against spells, spell-like
abilities, and supernatural abilities with the earth subtype or
used by creatures of the earth subtype, including extraplanar
creatures from the Elemental Plane of Earth.

• Breathless (Ex): Members of air races do not breathe, so they
have immunity to drowning, suffocation, and attacks that
require inhalation (such as some types of poison).

Small size: +1 bonus to Armor Class, +1 bonus on attack rolls,
+4 bonus on Hide checks, –4 penalty on grapple checks, lifting
and carrying limits 3/4 those of Medium characters.

+4 racial bonus on Move Silently

Goblin, Common, Draconic

Class Features:
Skirmish(+1d6 +1AC)
Battle Fortitude +1
Uncanny Dodge
Trackless Step
Dungeon Specialist (Player’s Handbook II)
Conjurer specialised Wizard (Prohibited Necromancy, Enchanmtent)
Immediate Magic- Abrupt jaunt (conjurer)(Player’s Hand book II)(no familiar)

Magical Aptitude
Skill Focus (Use MAgic Device)


Balance: 5+4=9

Climb: 5-2+8= 11

Escape Artist: 5+4=9

Hide: 5+4+4= 13

Jump: 5-2+2= 5

Knowledge Arcana 2+2=4

KNowledge (Dungeoneering) 5+2=7

Listen: 5+2= 7

Move Silently: 5+4+4= 13

Spellcraft: 2+2= 4

Spot: 5+2= 7

Survival: 5+2=7

Tumble:5+4+4= 13

Use Magic Device: 3+2+3+3= 11

Spells per day 0-3 1-2
0-Read Magic
Detect Magic

1- Mage Armor
Reduce person

0-level spells: All

1st level spells:Mage Armor
Disguise self
Summon monster
Reduce person
Lesser ord of acid

XP: 6110/10,000


Garalos is an Air Goblin of above average cleverness and cunning. He is relatively small and weak even compared to most goblins and was often posted as a scout. His Clan was under the employ of Gharlak an Evil Human Wizard who appeared as a Hobgoblin in public. Gharlak soon discovered that Garalos was in fact an Air Goblin and stood out among his fellow clan mates. Gharlak sought to make Garalos his familiar a foolish thing and clearly not possible. Garalos decided to play along seeking to learn a thing or two of the wizard secrets. Feigning stupidity and simplicity Garalos spent the Wizards wakeing hours as a servant and his sleeping hours as a student. One night while fiddling with scrolls Garalos quite accidentaly activated one. A rather Unique spell Mass Creat Water looseing the spell in Gharlak’s layer a subterranian pit only accessible with a levitate spell through a shoot. Needles to say water filled the entire cavern drowning the wizard to Garalos’ delight all the wizards possesions now had no owner. He grabbed everything he could carry includeing Gharlak’s ridiculous hat (think sombrero but pointy)a few wands and the spell book (mostly ruined) and struck out to become an adventureing wizard with his newfound gear and luck.


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