Darkon will be the area that anyone in Katie’s group will be from. Either natively or by way of the mists you will have spent some time in Darkon and will know the language at least. All people of Darkon speak Darkonese amongst themselves but a surprisingly large number learn the language called common, for Darkon is unusually cosmopolitan and sees visistors from far and wide. All players know Darkonese and common as base languages.

Darkon is a large and diverse realm. It has been united by the wizard-king Azalin Rex who interferes very little with the day-to-day lives of his subjects. He leaves his Barons to collect the tribute and continues his mystical projects in the mean time. Darkon has a slightly larger population of humanoids than most places and also has less fear of magic than you might expect.

The most notable city of Darkon is called Martira Bay which has reached a pinacle of technology and culture previously unknown in the entire history of Ravenloft. It has roughly victorian technology and culture and as such characters hailing from there have access to the Masque of the Red Death classes and equipment. This unrivaled height has not made the Darkons happy, instead it makes them nervous.

The people of Darkon live under the sway of the priesthood of the Eternal Order. This priesthood and it’s dogma was created by Azalin with one purpose in mind: subjugate the Darkons by fear. The principal tenet of the Eternal Order is that the dead of Darkon are waiting to rise and claim the land from the living and only the rituals of the Order can protect them.

The people of Martira Bay fear the dead even more than most because of their successes. They have good reson to fear, once the most powerful city in Darkon was called Il Aluk, but then came the Requiem and for reason no one knows every being in that city died suddenly and rose again as undead.

The faith of the Eternal Order is growing ever harder to maintain in the face of catastrophes such as Il Aluk but the priesthood has another tool at their disposal, the Kargat.

The Kargat is the secret police organisation of Darkon. It is small but powerful and grows stronger by whispers. Most people know a story of a friend of a cousin of someone they knew who was disapeared by the Kargat. The Kargat operates in a secretive pyramidal fashion and they spy on the people of Darkon seeking out both undead sympathisers and those who wish to revolt against the Order, Azalin or fight the Kargat’s secret activities.

Darkon is a place of fear and paranoia, but also unheard of technology, culture and sometimes freedom.


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