Darkon PI

This is the REAL Darkon gathering page.

Here’s the deal. The Darkon PI isn’t officially hiring, but they’ve got a few chapters here and there within Darkon.

Started by Tobias Grimm, he quickly discovered that while sluthing was great and all, he needed to have a hand in order to connect with the people of the land. With the help of Carmindy, a savvy lady who seems to be able to charm her way into many different situations, Tobias has been able to uncover the mystery in many situations.

If only they had a strong arm to help protect them when they start digging too deep.

Enter: Roland.

During a particularly dangerous investigation into the disappearances and grisly murders within an isolated Dwarven Mining Town out on the Darkon frontier, Carmindy and Tobias found themselves cornered in a nest of Undead, deep within the Dwarven Mines. Having been ambushed and outnumbered, it looked as if they would share the Town’s fate.

Calculated shots rang out from behind the mob of Undead, both thinning their numbers while drawing their attention. This gave Darkon PIs the opening they needed to unleash their own attack. Pincered between The Gunslinger Paladin and the Darkon PIs, the nest was reduced to charred and mutilated limbs.

The group of three emerged from the Dwarven Mines, as friends and allies. Both Tobias and Carmindy agreed to help Roland unravel his mysterious past, and Roland swore an oath in typical Paladin fashion, to help and protect his new fellow Darkon PIs and uncover the mysteries in the Land of Mists.

Darkon PI

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