Powers Check

Ravenloft is ruled by mysterious entities known only as the Dark Powers. These beings control the Mists that separate the realms of Ravenloft and bring Outlanders to it’s shores. These evil entities are unknoable but everyone concedes they exist. The Dark Powers take an interest in evil and those that do it. Indeed they reward evil in all forms.

If you perform an action that is worhty of a powers check you will be informed and then you will roll a percentile. The chance of failure is low, never more than %10, although some heinous acts (defileing a temple or killing an innocent) are automatic fails. Most checks have very low percentages, one or two, so the chances of failure are slight.

If you fail the Dark Powers take note, and reward you. You can choose to fail any powers check should you wish to reap the rewards of your evil. Their gifts are small, and useful. At first you might get a bonus to speed or skill, an enhanced armor class or find you strength increasing.

You might think you could use these gifts to fight evil, fire with fire. But remember that you only need to fail six checks (seven if you are innocent) before you find yourself becoming a dreadlord yourself, eternally trapped and tormented in Ravenloft.

So beware, because evil is easy, undemanding and very rewarding, where good demands much and gives little. Yet few envy the dreadlords of Ravenloft and their powers.

Powers Check

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